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Wings: an alternative to The Action Network

Are you interested in how The Action Network compares to alternative platforms, such as Wings?

Wings is a campaigning website service built for digital organizing, with excellent The Action Network integration options.


Wings and The Action Network complement each other:

  • Wings replaces just The Action Network frontend with a great campaign website.
  • The Action Network offers a complex toolset for building engagement. If you have that level of digital professionalism, you probably also want a better campaigning website like Wings which integrates with your emailing & messaging platform.
  • Organizations who look for a powerful but more simple toolset, often start out with Wings + Mailchimp, but later switch to Wings + The Action Network.

Wings and The Action Network, compared

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Wings and The Action Network:


The Action Network
📰 Website builderComplete website with pages, articles and campaigns.No website builder, just forms and simple landing pages.
📧 Email featuresOnly confirmation emails. Can connect to third party services (like The Action Network) for followup communications.The Action Network has extensive email campaigning options

Wings and The Action Network similarities

Wings and The Action Network share a few similarities:

  • Both allow you to manage and host signup campaigns, petitions, events and fundraisers;
  • Both may only be used by progressive organizations (not by right-wing / conservative political parties), so you will not be indirectly supporting movements you do not agree with.

Differences between The Action Network and Wings

  • You can only create landing pages or embeddable forms with The Action Network, while you also need a nice campaign website or organization website.
  • Wings gives you an entire website with pages, articles and campaigns, integrated.
  • Wings only has an email service for confirmation emails, but does not let you send email newsletters to your supporters.
  • Wings sends confirmed user data to connected services such as The Action Network, who specialize in newsletters, engagement building and voter activation.

Conclusion: they go great together

Wings gives you a great campaign website that lets you connect to The Action Network for follow-up communications. Our webhooks documentation even uses The Action Network as an example.

If you want to know more, just request a free Wings demo account and you can try it out yourself.